Monday, June 24, 2013

Story Structure

Just finished a fantastic week at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference. Fantastic event with several national agents and a national editor, too. I participated in an intensive writer's workshop with the fabulous author, J. Scott Savage, author of the Farworld series, as well as Case File 13: Zombie Kids.

Eleven of us submitted 20 pages for group and professional critique, then got dazzled as Scott showed us how to analyze our work not just for craft, but also for for audience response. Since we were a middle grade session, this was particularly helpful for my WIP, a new MG sci-fi urban fantasy. The conference was tremendous in rehabilitating my enthusiasm for writing and for exponentially increasing my skills. how's that for a plug?!

Ultimately, I was reminded of how I need to finish constructing the story, the character arcs, and plotting, before I continue. So I'm using a number of methods, but wanted to clue you in to one great method: Dan Wells' Seven-Point System for plotting. He gave the presentation at LTUE in February 2010. You can watch it on YouTube here, or read a great summary first by Lisa Bouchard. It's one of several methods I use, and a good one.

Happy writing!

Monday, June 17, 2013

LDS Storymakers and WIFYR Resurrecting My Writing

Hi Folks,

This blog has been on hiatus for a while now, but things are changing. I’ve been attending writing conferences this year, got a bug for a new MG urban fantasy/sci-fi book, and it’s been great to start writing again.

So, I’m looking to reconnect with you guys. Lots of things to talk about.

Hope to share more, and to hear more from you!

Joshua J. Perkey

Saturday, February 25, 2012

ANWA Conference 2012

Hi Folks,

Been a long, long time. I know. You're probably shocked that I'm writing at all. Or that I'm alive. Or that I remember what a blog is.

You'd not be far off! Took a while to get that login password right, actually.

But life is a bit calmer, and I've had some opportunities to reconnect with the writing and editing and publishing world. Well, I'm always connected to writing and publishing working for the Ensign.

But the writing of fiction, books, and story outside of human interest and inspiration, well, LTUE and the ANWA conference have had a big impact. I've been a presenter at both conferences this year, and I'm really loving it. I love the people, the industry folks, interacting with writers of all walks, and I lvoe talking shop.

This weekend I've been attending the ANWA conference. This is a women's writing conference sponsored in Arizona. Yeah, you're asking, 'what the heck are you doing at a women's writing conference?'

Well, I'm not the only guy here! Check out the faculty bios. Great, great people. This is one of the main reasons to come to a conference. Opportunities to pitch are why I used to come. But spend a little time with Anita Mumm, Jane Dystel, Lisa Mangum, and a host of the other professionals, and you soon learn what makes them tick and why they are successful, and I don't mean just because they are successful. These are real people who want to cultivate relationships and clients. And that means you can have a great time just being together. And that's a great part of why I do what I do.

If you are ever in Arizona during an ANWA conference, you should attend. Some of the best classes I've ever been too, and some of the most intimate and wonderful connections I've made. Been a great time. Thanks, ANWA folks!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Long-Overdue Hello

Hi Folks,

Sorry I've been incognito for a while. It's going to stay that way for the near future, I'm afraid. I'll post occasionally. I have some new duties at my church that have me totally buried. It's a good thing, but very consuming.

So much is happening right now in publishing it's crazy. From Amazon's new Kindle Fire, to the release of the iPhone 4s, Steve Jobs passing away.

One interesting thing: Dave Farland sends out an email on publishing and writing called "Daily Kick in the Pants." I've mentioned it before, even quoted from it. For the next little while he's going to shift the emphasis away from general tips to much more focused writing discussion. He's a master of the craft. I'm excited to see what he comes up with. You can find him easily with a Google search and sign up for free.

Well, hope all is well with you, my fellow writers. I hope you are finding success in your craft and creative ideas with your publishing endeavors. I'll check back in from time to time, and let you know when I'm ready to get back full steam into commenting with you on writing and publishing.

Thanks for your patience!