Saturday, February 25, 2012

ANWA Conference 2012

Hi Folks,

Been a long, long time. I know. You're probably shocked that I'm writing at all. Or that I'm alive. Or that I remember what a blog is.

You'd not be far off! Took a while to get that login password right, actually.

But life is a bit calmer, and I've had some opportunities to reconnect with the writing and editing and publishing world. Well, I'm always connected to writing and publishing working for the Ensign.

But the writing of fiction, books, and story outside of human interest and inspiration, well, LTUE and the ANWA conference have had a big impact. I've been a presenter at both conferences this year, and I'm really loving it. I love the people, the industry folks, interacting with writers of all walks, and I lvoe talking shop.

This weekend I've been attending the ANWA conference. This is a women's writing conference sponsored in Arizona. Yeah, you're asking, 'what the heck are you doing at a women's writing conference?'

Well, I'm not the only guy here! Check out the faculty bios. Great, great people. This is one of the main reasons to come to a conference. Opportunities to pitch are why I used to come. But spend a little time with Anita Mumm, Jane Dystel, Lisa Mangum, and a host of the other professionals, and you soon learn what makes them tick and why they are successful, and I don't mean just because they are successful. These are real people who want to cultivate relationships and clients. And that means you can have a great time just being together. And that's a great part of why I do what I do.

If you are ever in Arizona during an ANWA conference, you should attend. Some of the best classes I've ever been too, and some of the most intimate and wonderful connections I've made. Been a great time. Thanks, ANWA folks!


Jill Burgoyne said...

Hello there!

I was one of the attendees at the ANWA conference yesterday. I wanted to thank you for coming and speaking. It really added a zest to the conference and I thoroughly enjoyed every comment you made during the panel.

Thank you so much!

Jill Burgoyne.

The Williamses said...
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Leann said...

Blogger The Williamses said...

Joshua you truly were one of the best parts of the conference, out of a LOT of "best parts"--your presentation made the idea of writing for "THE Magazines" less of a daunting idea, and your sense of humor added so much to the different presentations and the panel. It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife. (We'll just chuckle at the joke I could make there). Thank you thank you!

Jewel Leann Williams

Joshua J. Perkey said...

Thanks, everyone! It was a great conference--one of the best I've ever attended. Small enough to be intimate, large enough not to be uncomfortable, and everyone I met was just wonderful. Best of luck to you all!

muhil said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


Marsha Ward said...

We loved having you, Josh. You were a real highlight of our conference. Just one teensy little minor correction, though: the Organization known as ANWA (American Night Writers Association, Inc.) is for LDS women writers. The Conference we put on each year is for anyone who wants to pay the amazingly small conference fees: man, woman, teen, LDS or not, whoever is interested in writing, connecting, and having a great time.